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At Baldwin Electronics we can make dreams reality and provide you with comfort anywhere you go. Whether there is a luxury you need or you are just driving by, meet your private salesmen, personal installers, and new friends today! Come into our home away from home; experience a motion picture of brilliance that becomes life before your eyes, and find that you can do more that hear the music you are surrounded with... you can finally listen. 

Our promise to you:
To go above and beyond to provide you with customer service that shows we are the best in the industry. We will provide you with the big city business that still has that small town feel and the personalized entertainment to suit your every desire.

I really enjoyed my experience with Baldwin Electronics. They had fair prices and knowledgeable staff. The installation was quick and done very well. Customer service was impeccable and staff was eager to help, Would definitely recommend.

Posted By: Donna Caraway - Austin TX

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